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What’s the Best Way to Fund Missions?

Matthew 6:21, a familiar Bible verse for those of us who grew up in church, says that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

If our treasure and our heart are connected, what does our missions giving say about our Great Commission priorities? And based on what we believe to be important as Christians, where should we be giving?

Chapter 4 of The Great Disconnect report from Barna Group dissects questions around stewardship and transparency, uncovering discouraging data but also great opportunities. For example, 22% of U.S. pastors say their church has never considered changing how it financial supports missions. Download the full report here to learn more.

This statistic is disappointing to read, but can you imagine how much more effective the body of believers would become if these churches reevaluated their giving and ensured it was being used to reach the unreached in the best way possible? You can read more about mission strategies to consider here.

In part, we’re held back from maximum impact because Christians don’t understand how unreached the world is. This means their hearts aren’t compelled to take action, and neither is their treasure. Check out the following video to see how this plays out.

Did you catch the number of unreached people in the world? 3 billion! That’s 3 billion people who have no access to a Bible, church, or Christian acquaintance. They don’t follow Jesus—not because they’ve denied Him, but because they simply don’t know who He is. Our world is home to 3 billion people who are just waiting to hear the Good News so they can receive salvation in Christ and experience eternity in Heaven with us. If we are to store up our treasure in Heaven, what better way to do so than invest in furthering the Kingdom!

It’s on us, as missions-minded believers, to move the Church into action so it can develop a heart to reach the unreached. Barna’s research proves that its worth our time: as you heard in the video above, 49% of churched Christians said they would follow their church’s recommendation of where to financially support global missions! What incredible influence we have in terms of mobilizing Christians’ giving.

If your church is interested in reevaluating your missions strategy and finding one that effectively reaches the unreached while also engaging your congregation in the efforts, we’d love to walk through those conversations with you. Click here to contact David Chakranarayan, Director of Church Engagement at Mission India, and he will be in touch!