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You can lead others to the hope of Christ!

Have you ever felt unequipped to lead? If so, you’re not the only one.

There are people all over the world who need to hear about the life-changing love of Jesus, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming—especially if you feel like your past disqualifies you from leading others. If they only knew, you might think to yourself. As it turns out, God likes to use the most unlikely people to do the most incredible things. Don’t take our word for it…

But you don’t know my story.

God seems to like using messy people to make miracles happen. In the book of Judges, God’s people were being oppressed by a ruthless enemy. But God knew exactly who He wanted to help lead the people to victory—Gideon. In Judges 6, God calls out to Gideon, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” The only problem is that this mighty warrior was in the process of hiding in a winepress. Not mighty and definitely not a warrior.

Gideon ultimately said yes to God’s plan, which resulted in freedom for his entire nation.

Why would God do something like that?

Because God gets the praise when we surrender our stories to His plan. That’s what Sikanya did when she met God. She shares her story firsthand…

I was born and brought up in a tribal family back ground where we used to worship nature. I used to worship trees and idols. While I was studying at 7th grade, I was suffering from headache. My parents shown me to different doctor but I was not cured from headache. I become serious again they took me to doctor but nothing happened with me and medicine was not working. Then my grandmother, she suggested me to go to Church where people will pray for you, she said. We went to a pastor and prayed for me and I got healed by Prayer, and I felt very relaxed that day onwards. Continuously they prayed and God answered the prayer, because of that healing deliverance, I could know about the Love of Christ. Then few days later, I received Jesus Christ as my Lord Jesus and took Baptism. I am continuously going to church and God using me as children leader and worshiping and leading the worship. God is so faithful to me.

Sikanya is an unlikely Children’s Bible Club leader, yet she now teaches children about the love of Jesus every day because of how God changed her life. He did it for Gideon, He did it for Sikanya, and He can do it for you too. Will you say yes to His plan today?


  • Tell the Lord that you’re ready to say yes to His plans for you today.
  • Ask God to open your eyes to how He wants to use your story.


  • Tell someone about how Jesus has changed your life.