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Adult Literacy Classes

A Hungry Family Finds Hope

Mareesha used to work as a day laborer in the paddy fields while her husband worked as a mason. They have two adult sons, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren—who all…

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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

A Miracle for Manroop’s Mother

Manroop had a good life with two devoted parents and three siblings. Her father worked hard for the family and even earned enough money to build them a home. But…

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Church Planter Training

Mithil Finds Peace in Christ

For decades, Mithil had practiced the rituals and traditions of his animist faith. From his childhood, to parenthood, to being middle-aged, Mithil faithfully prayed and made animal sacrifices to the…

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10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs

Saher is No Longer Aimless!

Saher lives with her parents and two younger brothers in a one-room hut, in a slum located in India’s state of Goa. Her parents have to travel long distances each…

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