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Church Planter Training

Freedom Comes for Addicted Sunchit

Sunchit was born and brought up worshipping the gods of his community. He is 32 years old and works as a part-time musician. A few years ago, his father died…

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Adult Literacy Classes

A Mother Gets Her Chance at Education

Adeela grew up in a poor family with seven siblings. Her father was an uneducated agricultural worker who spent all the money he earned on alcohol. He was lost in…

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Church Planter Training

Prayer Changes Opposition and Addiction

Maghi and Suvan have two daughters and collectively earn money by working for daily wages in a tea garden. Suvan had been responsible most of his life, taking care of…

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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

Jyena’s Prayers for Her Father Answered

Jyena is now in the second grade and is a good student. Her family farms two acres which they depend on for their survival. Even though her parents work very…

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