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Church Planter Training

Jesus Found Santhi in the Midst of her Chaos

Santhi enjoyed a prosperous life with her husband Gangol and their two children. They believed that because of their devotion, their gods had blessed them with a thriving apple orchard,…

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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

Rupin: Boy’s Prayers Lead to Great Change!

The youngest of three children, Rupin often witnessed the pain and abuse his mother, sister, and brother endured at the hands of his alcoholic father, Daksh. Daksh worked as a…

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10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs

How 10 Days Changed a Family Forever

Koshala was born into a poor, religious family that sought solace from their gods during difficult times. But when the gods couldn’t help, Koshala’s father, Faizulah, turned to alcohol and…

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Church Planter Training

Jaah Trades Pain for Peace

Jaah and his wife worshipped their family god, offering sacrifices twice a year for protection, prosperity, and health. However, Jaah’s devotion waned as he experienced long-term sickness and pain that…

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