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Adult Literacy Classes

Nanya’s Story

Nanya was mistreated as a child and had no one to look up to—especially after her dad and stepmom sold her into a two year labor contract at the age…

Adult Literacy Classes

Open Doors

Life was hopeless. Bhola was timid and shy—and never learned to speak up for himself. He didn’t know how to help his family. But then, Bhola heard that he could…

Adult Literacy Classes

Kajani’s Story

Looking at her big smile, you wouldn’t guess the kind of hardship and pain Kajani experienced. Watch Kajani’s amazing transformation … from gut-wrenching despair to new hope … in this…

Adult Literacy Classes

Welcome To An Adult Literacy Class

Watch how God uses our Adult Literacy Classes to educate and equip adults in India. The life change is significant as adults learn how to read, write, and do math at a fifth grade level.