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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

God Transformed Tamsa’s Life and Family!

Tamsa’s parents didn’t care much about her schooling, which was no surprise since their culture and traditions placed very little value on educating girls. Her father was also an alcoholic…

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The Difference Maker Devotional

Is Prayer Worth Your Time?

Last time we talked, we dug into 3 steps for improving your prayer life: 1) Identify what’s holding you back, 2) Pray about it, and 3) Reflect on what God’s…

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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

Young Girl’s Faith Challenged by Neighbors

Sujani and her family live in a small village where locals are considered “untouchables,” meaning they are lower than the lowest in India’s caste system. Sujani’s parents were suppressed by…

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Adult Literacy Classes

The Power of Prayer in a Literacy Class

Many years ago, an otherwise average day at work became life-altering for Maha. She was out laboring on a farm when a coconut fell on her neck, causing horrible pain.…

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