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Their legacy? Generational impact — at home and in India

Ben and Jen have been faithful partners of Mission India since the 1990s, but their hearts for generosity started even before that. Growing up, Ben’s family excelled at giving generously…

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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

A Child Shows Her Family the True Path

Jawahir’s mother had lost all hope, feeling ashamed of the life her daughter was building. Jawahir was drifting from her family’s fierce idol worship, and as she tried to seek…

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Church Planter Training

Parishna Receives Spiritual Life and Joy

Parishna’s story is still unfolding, but likely different from what you’re expecting. Now in her fifties, Parishna lives in a very poor community where most worship the gods of their…

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Church Planter Training

Jesus Turned Pampa’s Mourning into Joy

Pampa was torn apart as she watched her adult children endure deep grief. She and her husband, Komutti, had a daughter named Badiha and two sons named Vengai and Simra.…

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