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Susham Chooses Future in Ministry and Service

Susham’s testimony below shows the impact Church Planters are having as they share the Gospel in India’s villages. Susham tells how her encounters with these faithful servants led her to pursue ministry as well.

I grew up following the religious practices of my culture, worshipping idols, and sacrificing pigs before the deities. Before I came to know Jesus, I often got into fights with others and used bad language. There was no peace inside of me.

Fortunately, there were several Church Planters who came to my village to share the Gospel. Many people came to believe in Jesus through their visits. Initially, I was not interested in hearing about Jesus until one day I heard the pastor preaching on John 3:16. When I heard that Jesus gives eternal life and forgives sins, I prayed for His forgiveness and immediately felt peace in my heart.

From the moment my family and I received Christ as our Savior, I began praying daily. We quickly experienced God’s peace in our home and noticed our bad habits began to change. We stopped fighting and using bad language, and we started going to church together. We also started seeing God’s blessings and healing power in our lives; so, we decided to be baptized.

Today, we read the Bible regularly and pray together. In studying God’s Word, I have been encouraged to pursue ministry opportunities and serve others. I have begun working with my pastor to share the Gospel in many villages and I am training to become a Church Planter in the future. Please pray for me as I want to do God’s ministry.

We are so thankful for the commitment Susham has made to bring the love of Jesus to many villages who may have never even heard His name. Please pray for Susham as she completes training to become a Church Planter and follows God’s leading in her life.