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Sahvan’s Healing Leads to Salvation

Sahvan was the only child of parents who were attentive and kind. His parents did everything they could to provide for him, but Sahvan had a liver disease that was a financial burden. For years, he had to receive costly treatments that did little to impact his quality of life. Sahvan’s body was deteriorating, and he grew tired of constant medical attention. He wanted to be a normal boy with friends he could play with. But it seemed as though this would never be true for Sahvan.

The illness took such a toll on Sahvan’s body that he was unable to attend school or concentrate on his studies. As a result, he fell behind in school and struggled to maintain good grades. Sahvan was brokenhearted at the direction his life was taking.

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, a Covid-19 lockdown was announced in Sahvan’s village. This meant his parents had no way of making money or paying for his medical treatment. Sahvan’s liver disease went from bad to worse.

At this time, Children’s Bible Club leader Mahalika had received permission to run a socially distanced Bible Club. She visited Sahvan’s home to tell him about the opportunity but suddenly realized the state of his illness. Sahvan’s parents asked Mahalika to pray for their son, and she did. For several days, Mahalika claimed Psalm 91 over the boy and asked for God’s healing. Miraculously, Sahvan’s health was restored and his whole family rejoiced!

Shortly after, Sahvan enrolled in the Bible Club. For the first time in his life, he made friends and played like he had always longed to do. He felt joy when hearing the stories about Jesus! Because of his healing, Sahvan’s heart was open to Christ. When Mahalika gave an altar call at the end of the Bible Club, Sahvan came forward to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior! Now his entire family is following Jesus and worshipping together in Christian community.