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Rabail Gives Her Emotional Baggage to Jesus

Rabail’s childhood was shaped by her religious mother’s simplicity and the abuse of her alcoholic father. She was never allowed to express her feelings, including anger, and was taught to live her life with a sense of duty, without expectation. Rabail bottled up her emotions and set aside her own needs, suffering from low self-esteem.

The emotional damage from her childhood carried on after Rabail married, even though her husband was very supportive of her. The couple eventually had two children, but always in the back of Rabail’s mind she felt her husband and in-laws were taking her for granted. Over time, her emotional issues took a toll on every area of her life, including her marriage, as Rabail could not “connect” with her husband or children.

As days passed, Rabail resorted to aggression and nagging to hide her personal pain and frustrations. She lashed out in anger over the smallest thing, and her children became afraid of her. Rabail began to avoid social events, and when she tried to force her family to see things her way, her relationships went from bad to worse. Conflict and arguments became a normal routine and Rabail’s husband felt helpless to change it.

In time, Rabail began to reflect on her anger and bitterness, realizing these emotions were weighing her down and ruining her marriage. Even though she had little interest in spiritual things, she started thinking maybe the gods could help her and she spent time performing rituals to overcome her anger, but none of this helped.

Fortunately, things began to change for Rabail when she met Church Planter Kaara!  Kaara began visiting with Rabail and telling her about Jesus. A friendship developed between the two and the Biblical truths Rabail heard not only opened her eyes, but softened her heart as well. Hearing about Jesus willingly dying on the cross and God’s redemptive plan for all mankind moved Rabail deeply. As she gave her heart to Jesus, she was released from all the anger and negative feelings.

Surrendering to Jesus gave Rabail an indescribable peace. She is now able to manage her anger through prayer and meditation and can see her true worth from God’s perspective. Rabail felt stronger, happier, and more confident.

Over time, Rabail’s relationship with her husband, children, and in-laws also improved as they were amazed by her transformation. She told them of her new faith in Jesus and how she had joined a local worshipping group. While her family did not come with Rabail, they didn’t question her spiritual decisions.

Needless to say, many were surprised by the huge difference in Rabail’s attitude and behavior. As she meets people, Rabail is friendly and immediately strikes up a conversation. She enjoys participating in social events and doesn’t allow fear or anger to dictate the course of her life. Instead Ravail looks to the Word of God for guidance.

Rabail is passionate about Jesus and active in her worshipping group, helping others who are struggling and in need. Please pray that Rabail will continue to have a positive impact on the people around her and that her family will join her in serving Jesus.