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Missions Meets a Business Mindset

When you pair your business acumen with your heart for charitable giving, the “Spiritual ROI” is substantial.

Same heart. Same calling. Different rules.

When you apply business and investment principles to the outcomes of ministry giving, it changes your mindset.

You make the switch from giving out of obedience to giving out of your innate passion for investing in missions. In turn, you drive quantifiable, discipleship-making outcomes and have a deep understanding of the spiritual impact you’re making.

The Most Important ROI

What if you not only made giving decisions, but also set your own ministry impact goals using quantitative measures tied directly to your contributions?

Business minded, faith-based investors are adopting the Spiritual Return On Investment (SROI) mindset, which highlights four key indicators that measure a return on ministry giving.

Learn how to evaluate and measure your ministry giving by downloading our guide.

Double Your Investment

Dollar-for-dollar matches until we receive $100,000 in new business leader gifts!

There is nothing that gets a faster and higher ROI than having someone double your money. We have special funding opportunities that meet all four Kingdom performance indicators that faith-based business leaders need to maximize their ministry giving. And, they all have matching pledges.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started:
1.) Let us know you are thinking about this ROI mindset by completing the form below.
2.) Consider the giving opportunities that work best for you through a short call with one of development team members.
3.) Put your investment to work for double the impact.

Helpful Resources

Strategic giving for maximized Kingdom impact sounds intriguing, but it can be hard to know where to begin. Check out the three resources below to help you think through your charitable giving goals and what legacy you want to leave.

ROI Evaluation Guide

Walk through 14 questions to determine whether your charitable giving is achieving your goals.

The White Paper

Explore the “Kingdom” Performance Indicators that will change the way you think about giving.

ROI Story Guide

What will your impact story be? Use this resource to help cultivate your story and make an impact!

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