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Kuvira Loses Stress After Reconnecting with Jesus

Now in her early forties, Kuvira lives in a small village with her husband who works as a farmer. The couple has four daughters, two of which are married. Kuvira and her husband were illiterate as children due to their family’s poverty and ignorance. Life was very difficult for them, and so they wanted better for their children. They knew the value of an education and made the necessary sacrifices for their children to attend school.

Given the enormous social pressure on the bride’s family to spend large sums of money on their daughters’ weddings, Kuvira and her husband were left virtually penniless after the first two girls married. They also knew that in a few more years they would have two more girls ready for marriage!

The thought of two more weddings was a huge burden for Kuvira who worried constantly about where they would find the money. Sometimes she helped her husband in the field to earn extra money, but it was not enough as their wages were very small.

Kuvira worried nonstop about her family’s welfare and their financial condition – so much so that she could not care for the children and became easily frustrated over the smallest things. Kuvira was prone to sudden outbursts of anger and even started hitting her children. Slowly, she stopped talking to her family and fell into a deep depression.

Watching their mother’s decline terrified her children and turned their whole world upside down. It was at this low point that the family met Hadil, the leader of a local Adult Literacy Class. During Hadil’s visits with Kuvira, they talked about the family’s financial problems, and Hadil shared the benefits of literacy skills. She believed if Kuvira attended the Literacy Class it would have a positive impact on her life.

Hadil continued to meet with Kuvira and the two discussed many topics, including how to better manage emotions and have patience. During this time, Kuvira began to leave her home to visit with her neighbors. As she spent time with others, her mental state improved and she started speaking with her family again – telling them about the Adult Literacy Class. Kuvira’s family was excited and encouraged her to enroll.

As Kuvira started attending class, her attitude changed and she quickly learned many new skills. Hadil also discovered that Kuvira had made a decision to follow Jesus years ago, but hadn’t been able to practice her faith due to tensions in their culture. In Kuvira’s time with Hadil, she experienced a Spiritual awakening, reconnecting with Jesus and rediscovering her life’s purpose! Kuvira fully committed her life to Jesus and led her family into relationship with Him, too.

Today, Kuvira reads, writes, and is able to do simple math. Her life has been forever changed and she is a content woman who is inspiring others. Whenever Kuvira gets angry, she shows patience and understands that worrying doesn’t bring anything but harm to her body and soul. Kuvira is happy in Jesus and requests prayer for her family, that they will experience the same peace she feels.