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Inspired to Teach Women Their Worth

The believers in India who teach Adult Literacy Classes have incredible stories of their own! Their testimonies are what motivate them to not only teach their students, but disciple them in the name of Christ, too.

Below, you’ll read the testimony of Lisha, an Adult Literacy teacher in Delhi, India. Check out how her own experience with Christ compels her to pour into uneducated adults, especially women, to help them find their identity in Christ!

A few years back, I was engaged to a guy who cheated on me with another girl and took away all my money. He got married to someone else, and after that, I was very shattered. I am the youngest daughter, and my family had spent all their savings on my wedding. Looking at their plight, I felt betrayed and shattered. I couldn’t see any hope for my life.

My coworkers introduced me to Jesus. As I come from a family that followed another religion, I never aligned to what my Christian coworkers believed in. But during my broken times, everyone supported me and counseled me. With time and their support, all my brokenness has gone, and today I am completely healed.

I received Jesus and have been living a good Godly life. I am living a blessed life and working as a cook at the same company. Everyone loves me at this job and keeps on praying for me. I am no more living in chains of shame or guilt. I trust people now and choose to be intentional about them.
To deliver broken people, I want to minister to people. Just like me, I see so many women measure their worth as per the lenses of the society. I want to do ministry among women and share with them about what worth they have in Christ.

Thank you for equipping Lisha and others across India to disciple uneducated men and women through Adult Literacy Classes! We invite you to keep supporting Lisha by praying a blessing over her ministry and the Literacy Class she leads.