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Change Lives with Education

Mission India and the FY Malaga Summit invite you to give the gift of education to illiterate adults in India!

Why Adult Literacy Classes?

According to UNESCO, India is home to 287 million adults who never had the chance to be educated. It’s not just academics they missed—a lack of education affects everything.

These 287 million uneducated adults are susceptible to constant sickness because they never learned to wash their hands before cooking. Getting lost in their own town because they can’t read street signs. Marrying off a young daughter because it’s one less mouth to feed while in poverty. Illiterate adults are looking for a better way of life, and you can provide it to them through Adult Literacy Classes.

Give to Literacy

Give a Gift

A gift of $40 allows one adult in India to attend a year-long Adult Literacy Class. A gift of $6,000 funds an entire class!

Give At a Later Date

If you’d like to give your gift at a later date, please indicate your plans by filling out the form below. Mission India is grateful for your generosity and kindly requests that your gift is given by March 31, 2024.

I’m Considering a Gift

Would you like to speak with your team or learn more about Mission India before making a commitment? Let us know using the form below, and a Mission India representative will contact you about your interest.