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Stand With Manipur

We are joining with Mission India to support Christians in the state of Manipur who recently experienced violence, destruction, and persecution. Many are now displaced from their homes and struggling to see the next steps. Now it's our time to stand with them and support their needs!

The Latest from Mission India

The President and CEO of Mission India, Todd VanEk, shares an update after recently meeting with key leaders in India. Watch the video the below to get the latest and then join in to be the difference in Manipur!


The Situation In Manipur

Members of the Kuki and Naga tribes – some of India’s most disadvantaged groups – launched a protest against the extension of their benefits to the dominant Meiteis. Extending these benefits to the Meiteis would mean they would get a share in education and government jobs reserved for Kukis and Nagas. This is a point of contention that turned to violent outbursts. Check out this article for more information on what started the violence.

As violence broke out, the Meitei community raided homes and churches then burning them as they left. Many of these homes and churches belonged to Christians in Manipur, displacing them to the jungle and then to army and state government shelters.

In short, yes. Many of our partners in Manipur have had their homes destroyed and their families displaced. Their churches have been burned and their leaders have been relocated. Many of those displaced or relocated are now living in hastily constructed relief camps.

To stand alongside and help those in Manipur, we are using our network on the ground to distribute Relief Kits and provide support in other ways. A Relief Kit will provide some of the most basic needs like blankets, rice, and more.

Today, you can bless a family with a Relief Kit by providing a gift of $55.

We also invite you to pray for each family affected by the unrest in Manipur. Pray that their basic needs will be met. Pray for our partners in Manipur – that they would have strength as they help those affected. And pray that the Christians in Manipur would stand strong in their faith – that God would move radically in the hearts of unbelievers in Manipur.

Join us in prayer and submit your prayer to our Virtual Prayer Wall. 

Forest Hill Waxhaw, We Can Be The Difference!

As a church, we can provide hope for our brothers and sisters in Manipur. Two ways we can do this are through gifting Relief Kits and through prayer. By gifting a Relief Kit, you’re providing the basic needs for a family who has been displaced. As we often say, prayer is the first work of missions – so we encourage you to pray that God would work miracles for those who have been impacted by the violence in Manipur.

Give A Gift

To stand alongside those in Manipur, we are using our network on the ground to distribute Relief Kits and support those affected. Make a difference with a Relief Kit by providing a gift of $55.

Believers all over India are compelled by Christ’s love to reach millions of children with the Gospel.

Submit A Prayer

We invite you to submit a word or prayer of encouragement for those affected in Manipur. Then join us as we continue to pray over each of those prayer requests for the coming weeks.

Got Questions?

We know there’s a lot going on and you may have a question or two! If you have any questions, submit them here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for partnering with us!