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Saira Grows Confident in Christ

As a child, Saira stood out as an intelligent and gifted student. However, she didn’t have the support she needed to make the most of her gifts. She lived with her parents and two younger siblings in a small village. Her father Lasin worked as a daily laborer, but he couldn’t always find consistent work, so they struggled to make ends meet.

Saira loved school and enjoyed sharing her insights and achievements with her parents. Saira’s mother, Paniz, was so supportive and encouraged Saira to continue working hard in school. Lasin, however, seemed disinterested at best. As Saira grew older, her father’s disinterest morphed into open disdain. He thought that Saira would’ve grown out of her passion for learning and moved onto other, better, interests.

By the time Saira was a young teenager, confused by her dad’s attitude, she had serious doubt about her intelligence and an obvious lack of self-confidence.

During this time, thanks to the prayers and generosity of people like you, a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club was hosted in her village. Saira attended with her siblings, and the leader, a woman named Abida, immediately noticed Saira’s potential. Abida empowered Saira to lead the younger children, and Saira responded with eagerness and joy, excelling at every task offered to her.

Abida’s belief in Saira helped repair her confidence, and the lessons in the Bible Club rebuilt her self-belief. Yet this time, Saira’s self-image was made on an entirely new foundation—her identity in Jesus. Over the ten days, Saira discovered the truth that Jesus loves her and made her with a great purpose! Moved by the engaging stories and songs, Saira began praying for her future. On the last day of class, when Abida presented an opportunity to receive salvation, Saira eagerly confessed her sins and asked Jesus into her heart.

Saira and Abida have maintained a strong friendship since the conclusion of the 10-Day Bible Club, with Abida mentoring Saira in her new faith. With the unwavering confidence found only in Christ, Saira is boldly pursuing God and the plans He has for her life. She attends Sunday school each week and is working harder than ever at school, determined to serve her community as a teacher someday. Please pray for Saira’s parents and siblings, that their hearts would be open to the Gospel, and that they would come to faith through Saira’s example.