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Bibles for Persecuted Christians

God’s Word sustains us through life’s challenges—and it does the same for persecuted Christians in India. A $5 gift today will be matched so that your gift will provide two Bibles to the people of India!

Reaching The Unreached

A gift of $5 provides two Bibles to individuals we’re reaching in India, equipping them with wisdom, comfort, and guidance to face whatever opposition or trials come their way. Check out how we are able to provide Bibles to those in India in the most effective way possible even in the face of tremendous persecution!

Why Bibles?

When we face life’s greatest challenges, the Bible provides the wisdom, encouragement, and strength we need to get through. The same is true for Christians in India—especially those who are persecuted for their faith. When you give the gift of Bibles, you’re sharing written promises from God that will sustain new believers no matter what they endure for following Christ.

How Bibles are Placed

The Bibles are produced in India allowing us to ensure that the Bibles are produced in the correct language and reduces our costs! We then work with our vast in-country ministry network through our Church Planter Training, Adult Literacy Classes, and Children’s Bible Clubs programs to efficiently distribute the Bibles. The result? India being changed by the love of Jesus!

Overcoming Challenges

India is the most populous nation on earth and it’s also is one of the most dangerous places for Christians to live. Each day, many Christians in India experience persecution that is unfathomable! Through, our unique and effective ministry model—equipping locals for ministry rather than sending missionaries—we’re able to place Bibles despite persecution.

Double Your Gift

Normally, it takes just $5 to place a Bible in the hands of a new believer in India. But right now, your gift will be matched, meaning $5 will provide Bibles to two people in India! How many Christians in India can you equip with God’s Word today?

Why India?

India is one of the most dangerous places in the world to share the Gospel—and yet Christians there are passionately spreading the name of Jesus Christ. Why? Because India is the most unreached nation in the world. Millions of people there have never heard of Him, met a Christian, or had access to a Bible. Take a look at the map below to see just how unreached India is: Each red dot represents a people group that is less than 2% Christian.

Give Bibles

Every gift you give is being matched, up to $50,000! That means $5 will place Bibles in the hands of two people we’re reaching in India, equipping them with wisdom, comfort, and guidance to face whatever opposition or trials come their way.

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