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Balar and Muskan Find Jesus After Miscarriages

Balar, now in his early thirties, works as a daily laborer on a farm, with some occasional work in construction. He grew up following the religious practices of his culture and attended school through the 6th grade. His family worshipped many idols and participated in all the rituals and customs of their village.

When Balar turned 18, he married Muskan, and within a few years the couple had a beautiful daughter. Everything went smoothly and they were thrilled to welcome a healthy baby girl.  A few years later, Balar and Muskan decided they were ready for a second child; however, things did not go as smoothly with the subsequent pregnancies.  Each time Muskan lost the baby and was unable to carry the child full-term.

Going through these miscarriages devasted the couple and the joy they once felt turned to deep sorrow, pain, and depression. They wept over the lost babies as their hopes were shattered again and again.

Balar and Muskan spent a lot of money with doctors on treatments, but nothing solved the problem. They tried different medications and naturopathy, but were unable to ensure Muskan could carry a baby full-term. The couple began going to temples, offering prayers and sacrifices, and paying more money to the priests, but these efforts were useless, too.

In the Indian culture, barrenness is considered a curse and punishment by the gods. Religious leaders would perform rituals to appease the gods so the women would receive blessings. Though Balar and Muskan had one child, they were still considered to be cursed because Muskan kept losing her babies. They felt such guilt that they distanced themselves from their friends and family as they grieved.

Finally, Church Planter Raafe met the couple and invited them to attend his worshipping group. The following week Balar and Muskan joined the group and everyone prayed for God’s blessing on them. Experiencing the earnest prayers of the worshippers began to change Balar and his wife. They started to feel great comfort and peace from the prayers and continued to attend the worshipping group each week.

Balar and Muskan learned that sometimes God performs miracles and heals immediately; yet, other times His healing comes over time. They also know that even though Muskan’s health has improved, they may never have another child; but still, they are happy and at peace.  In their quest for a second child, they both found Jesus, and receiving Him as their Savior is the greatest gift of all!

Balar and Muskan have committed their lives to serving Jesus and want to be a living testimony of His goodness. Their eight, long years of agony have been replaced with hope and joy. The couple continues to pray for a second child, but they are trusting in their Lord and choose to live with joy regardless of what happens. Please pray for their growing faith and that God would bless Balar and Muskan with another healthy baby in His perfect time.