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Abichal Replaces Grief for Joy with Jesus

Abichal lives in a remote village, where most work as farmers or day laborers. Abichal has three younger brothers and one sister. Their mother died shortly after giving birth to their sister and three years later, their father remarried.

His mother’s death had a huge impact on Abichal and left a void that nothing could fill. Facing great loss at such a young age is very traumatic and no one in Abichal’s family knew how to help and support him in his grief. As Abichal struggled with how to cope without his mom, his days were filled with loneliness and isolation. He became easily upset and behaved aggressively when anyone tried to cheer him up.

Eventually Abichal worked through his sadness and began to feel better; however, his father’s new marriage presented an entirely new challenge. Abichal had a very difficult time adapting to a new woman who had taken the place of his mother, even though his stepmother was good and tried to help him.

Then, one day, Bible Club Leader Sarmin began a new Year-Long Children’s Bible Club in the area. He invited the children in Abichal’s community in need of support to help build a better future for themselves. Abichal joined the Bible Club with his friends and soon discovered he liked playing football and badminton. He also learned that the Bible Club offered much more than just sports and physical activities.

Sarmin cared about the holistic health and well-being of each child and helped them improve in many aspects of their lives. The children received help with their homework. They sang songs, prayed to Jesus, and heard inspiring stores from the Bible.

Abichal became very excited about going to the Bible Club and eagerly participated in all the activities. Under the loving guidance of Sarmin, Bible Club made a significant impact on the children, including Abichal, and they were all becoming better people!

The Bible Club activities, including listening to Bible stories, began to shape Abichal’s behavior. He was especially motivated by the story of King David and how he overcame his struggles with God’s help. Abichal started to pray every day, which was a big step to take for a young boy.

Today, Abichal is doing well in school and his overall personality and outlook on life have changed! He is no longer sad and depressed at home, but happy and energetic! Please pray that Abichal continues his daily prayers and that he will grow closer to Jesus and know Him as his Savior.