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A Determined Dreamer Finds Success

As a child, Mithi was known as a dreamer. She had big ambitions of being a self-reliant and independent businesswoman, but her reality was much different. Although Mithi’s friends and peers were able to attend school, she was not. Her family was so poor that from a very young age, she had to work to help support her family. Many children would wilt under the weight of such difficult circumstances, but not Mithi. When she experienced hardship, it made her even more determined to achieve her dreams someday.

Mithi grew into an adult, married, and had two children with her husband, Jaboor. As an illiterate person, Mithi found very few work opportunities. She spent nearly every day working in the sweltering heat to support her family. To make matters worse, Jaboor became addicted to alcohol, and did little to contribute to the family finances. Mithi’s dreams felt out of reach, but her hope never wavered. Whenever she looked at her children, she felt renewed determination to make a better life for all of them.

When Mithi met a man named Babrak, who was starting an Adult Literacy Class in her village, she knew her time had come! She enrolled and attended each class, working diligently and with enthusiasm. Although she was in her forties, and many students her age struggle with learning, Mithi thrived! Within a few weeks, she had developed essential literacy skills. She was now able to travel with confidence and verify that she was being charged fairly for food and other goods.

True to her nature, Mithi took advantage of every opportunity offered by the Literacy Class. She attended a special training that provided seeds and taught her how to grow her own foods and medicinal herbs. Gradually, she built a thriving garden. Mithi also attended an entrepreneurship training, and immediately put the principles into practice. She saved up to purchase supplies and was soon able to make goods such as candles and washing powder, which she sells at the market. She improved her family’s financial situation and even began saving an emergency fund.

Best of all, Mithi placed her faith in Jesus. Although she grew up in a Christian family, Mithi had never personally encountered Jesus. Through the Bible-based lessons and kind mentorship of Babrak, Mithi learned that Jesus loves her and wants good things for her. She saw God’s hand of provision in bringing the Literacy Class at just the right time. Mithi received salvation, and now prays regularly for her husband’s deliverance and salvation. Please come alongside Mithi in her prayers, and also pray for God’s continued blessing on her business.