Zeena: Finding Peace in Jesus

Young Zeena’s problems seemed like they’d never end. Her dad was always drunk, and as much as she worshipped images of gods hung on the walls of her family’s home, she was unhappy.

When Zeena grew up and got married, she and her husband soon had two children. Despite the opportunity to start fresh with a family of her own, Zeena’s troubles continued. Her son began to suffer from severe headaches caused by abnormal brain growth, and doctors couldn’t find a cure. When medication didn’t help, Zeena and her husband turned to their gods.

The couple went into debt trying to help their son, and Zeena’s husband became so distraught that he dealt with his frustration by drinking. This only worsened the family’s financial state as addiction took control of his life and he spent his money on alcohol. Eventually, this lifestyle made him severely sick alongside his son.

Zeena struggled every day to earn money to feed her children. Moneylenders were ruthless in coming after the money they couldn’t pay, and she was left feeling helpless. Zeena’s parents and in-laws abandoned them, their neighbors distanced themselves, and she had no one to support her.

Then, Church Planter Madri came to visit. Madri had heard about Zeena’s family from one of the neighbors, and Zeena recalls, “She came to my home and shared about Jesus, whom we never knew before. She told us that Jesus is our supporter and peace giver. At that time, I really wanted a person like her. So, I keenly listened to her, and she prayed for my family. After she left our place, peace dawned upon my family.”

As Zeena discovered Jesus through conversations with Madri, her husband was healed from his sickness. He stopped drinking alcohol and started going to work, bringing home his wages to care for the family.

One day after Madri shared about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, Zeena confessed her sins before the Lord and received Him as her Savior.

Zeena shares, “Today, I share my testimony in my neighborhood and enjoy preaching the Good News. Every day I am becoming strong in my faith in Jesus Christ, my Lord. Please pray for my family and friends to experience this marvelous and happiest salvation.”

Please join Zeena in prayer for her husband’s salvation and her son’s healing.