Your Big Prayers For India!

I asked you to post your big prayers for India on Facebook.

And, as usual, I was so encouraged by your response! Having only launched in 2010, our Facebook community is still pretty new, but I love how quickly it has grown into a place where we can all share prayers and our heart for the precious people of India.

Jesus has clearly laid the needs of India’s people on the hearts of many men, women, and kids all around the world … and I’m so glad you’re part of the Mission India family! Thanks for making your voice heard in our Facebook community.

  • “My prayer is that the ‘untouchable’ people of India would know just how precious they really are in God’s eyes.”  – Beth
  • “My daughter’s and my prayer is for the people of India to realize they were made in God’s image, and that their hearts would be open to hearing God’s Word.”  – Erin
  • May they (believers) persevere [through] any obstacles that come their way with God’s help.”  – Dhara
  • “I pray for those who are persecuted in India. I pray that the hearts and minds of the persecutors would be opened and that we as a group of believers would do all that we can to help these people of India. I also pray that even though believers are being persecuted, they will remain faithful to God.”  – Kristen
  • “My prayer is for the untouchables. That God would prepare their hearts to recognize and accept the truth that they are NOT untouchable.”  – Deborah

Didn’t get the chance to share your prayer for India yet? Post it as a comment below!

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