Why You Should Care About Literacy

Happy International Literacy Day!

I can’t think of a better time to share with you why I care about literacy … and why I think this special need might just capture your heart today, too. Let me tell you a little about why Adult Literacy Classes are so life-changing:

1. Skills to increase income – Adult Literacy Classes teach business skills to increase family income. Equipped with a 5th grade education at the end of their year of classes, many graduates go on to start their own home-based businesses.

2. Opens doors – Some communities in India are closed to traditional missionary outreach. Adult Literacy Classes are an excellent bridge to offer practical help and at the same time, reach those communities with the Good News!

3. Plants churches – Churches are practically exploding out of Adult Literacy Classes each year! An average of 2 new churches sprout out of every 3 Adult Literacy Classes!

4. Many graduates choose to follow Jesus – Bible-based lessons in their Adult Literacy Classes introduce students to the Good News. About 40% of Adult Literacy Class graduates make decisions to follow Christ!

5. Family impact – Students are encouraged to send their kids to school … and to teach a non-literate person how to read and write through their lesson books!

This list is just a handful of things I love about the Adult Literacy program—students also learn about health, hygiene, preventing diseases, money management skills, and so many other things, too! (Not to mention, new believers are able to read the Bible for themselves!)

But sadly, we have a huge waiting list for Adult Literacy Classes. Again. It breaks my heart to think of the men and women who could have been reached with additional funding each year. It’s hard for me to understand why everyone wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to give practical help to India’s needy AND introduce them to Jesus … but the fact is, Adult Literacy Classes are underfunded every single year.

I’m hopeful that this will be the year all of that changes. Will you be part of that change?

Join me in getting the word out about how God is moving through Adult Literacy Classes in India by sharing this post. Or perhaps—if you feel God’s leading—give in support of this life-changing program. ($30 fully funds one person’s education.)