Wakdar: Leaving an Addiction

As the oldest of three children, Wakdar was left in charge of his siblings each day while his parents were at work. But instead of being a responsible older brother, Wakdar spent his time with friends who were bad influences. He didn’t care well for his siblings, let alone himself.

He started to smoke cigarettes with his friends, and it became an addiction. Meanwhile, Wakdar skipped school regularly, and his grades went down.

Wakdar knew in his heart that he wasn’t behaving well. He came to a point of wanting to change his habits, but he didn’t feel he had the strength. He was far too addicted to smoking to quit on his own.

Then, Wakdar and his friends were invited to a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. They enrolled and enjoyed playing games, hearing Bible stories, and learning how to pray. Their Bible Club leader shared about Jesus, and it was the first time Wakdar had ever heard of Him. He was amazed to hear how much God loved him.

Gradually, the Bible stories and memory verses Wakdar learned in the Bible Club transformed his heart. He was particularly struck by the verse, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness” (Jeremiah 31:3).

Wakdar came to recognize his faults, prayed for forgiveness, and received Jesus as Savior. Wakdar promised God he would be truthful to his parents and give up smoking—and he did!

Wakdar is now attending school regularly and has become responsible and hardworking.

Will you join us in prayer that God will use Wakdar to lead many others to Christ?