Vidula: A Christmas Transformation

Everyone in Vidula’s village knew how superstitious her family was. They regularly visited a villager who practiced witchcraft, and the sorcerer even came to their house sometimes, intending to enchant spirits. Villagers were terrified to even speak to Vidula’s family or pass through their house, afraid of spells they thought would be cast on them.

However, just a few steps away from Vidula’s home was a small church. A woman named Mandra was starting a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club there, and to spread the word, she made an announcement using the church’s megaphone, inviting villagers to enroll their children. As she spoke about the benefits of the Bible Club, Vidula was sweeping outside her house. She listened attentively, and promptly told her parents she would like to join the Bible Club.

That very evening, Vidula went to the church. Thanks to the kindness and care shown by Mandra and the other children, Vidula quickly felt comfortable, though she didn’t know any of the other boys and girls attending. Together, Vidula and the other children learned action songs, played games, and did their homework with Mandra’s help. Vidula enjoyed the Bible Club so much that she brought her younger brother the next day!

It wasn’t long before Vidula was reciting Scripture verses and participating in other Bible-based activities.

Then, just a few days before Christmas, Mandra went Christmas caroling with the children in her Bible Club. They visited the children’s homes, singing carols followed by Mandra sharing the Gospel with the families. And when the group went to Vidula’s home, Mandra prayed for the family. She also invited the family to come to the local worshipping group on Christmas Day.

So a few days later, Vidula, her mom, and her siblings went to the worshipping group and celebrated Christmas for the first time. Vidula and her mom received Jesus as their Savior, stopped practicing witchcraft, and are finally experiencing peace.

Vidula now wants to share the Gospel with everyone! As her family grows in their faith, Vidula requests prayer for her dad’s transformation, as he continues to worship idols.