Veni: From Fear and Failure to Joy and Peace

Life at home was very difficult for 12-year-old Veni, and even more difficult for his mother. She worked menial jobs to provide for the family, but they were barely scraping by day to day, wondering if there would even be another meal tomorrow. Worse, it seemed like nothing would ever change.

Veni’s father was a severe alcoholic. As far back as Veni could remember, he and his mother were on the receiving end of his father’s violent, alcohol-fueled rages. Over time, his father’s addiction spiraled so out of control and he became so vicious that even people throughout their community feared his presence.

The verbal and physical abuse he was enduring at home affected every aspect of Veni’s life. Though he continued to attend school, he couldn’t concentrate on his studies. His failures in school and fear at home quickly pushed him into a deep depression. Scared and hopeless, Veni isolated himself from his peers and made loneliness his only companion.

It was precisely while Veni was at his lowest point that a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club leader, well aware of his family’s dire condition, arrived in perfect timing.

He told Veni about the Bible Club and encouraged him to attend. When Veni accepted this invitation, it changed the entire course of his life. With the Bible Club leader instilling within Veni the truth of God’s love for him, Veni jumped in with his peers, joining them on the playground in their favorite games, singing songs, and listening to stories. Knowing for the first time that God had a great purpose for him, his academic performance improved as well.

Veni began attending the Bible Club on a regular basis, where he developed a personal interest in the living God. As the Bible stories he heard took root in his heart, he started experiencing a peace and joy in his life he had been longing for. Over time, Veni not only listened to Scripture at the Bible Club, he also memorized his favorite Bible verses. Steadily, his faith in God began to strengthen him both emotionally and spiritually and his path became clear.

Veni made Jesus the Lord of his life and received Him as his personal Savior.

Since then, Veni has faithfully clung to God as his loving Heavenly Father, who continues to nurture and encourage him in all the areas of his life where his earthly father has been absent. Today, Veni diligently prays for his father’s deliverance from alcohol addiction, and he has traded loneliness and isolation for a Bible Club full of friends and a leader who has helped change his heart.

Will you pray for Veni’s dad to be delivered from his addiction to alcohol?