“VBS” For Kids In India

It’s almost Vacation Bible School season! If you’ve ever volunteered or had a child involved in VBS, you know what a wonderful and powerful outreach this is in communities across the U.S.

Our 10-day Children’s Bible Clubs in India are a lot like VBS. These Clubs take place in the summer, and the kids enjoy songs, skits and games. They listen to Bible stories, memorize Scripture, learn to pray to Jesus, and are introduced to the Gospel message. On the last day of the Club, the boys and girls have a special program … and invite their parents to see what they’ve been learning!

Many of our Church Planters have a special heart for reaching kids in their communities, so we provide them with the materials and training they need to launch Children’s Bible Clubs! It’s exciting to see how the Holy Spirit opens doors in villages, slums, and cities through boys and girls.

One of those Church Planters with a special heart for kids is 33-year-old Preeti.

“I received Jesus as my personal Savior when I was 12,” Preeti shares. “My parents gave me a Christian education. God helped me keep good faith in all my circumstances. Through Sunday school and Christian fellowship, a desire grew up in my heart to serve God. I was eager to know Him more. His Word was my constant companion. I wanted to obey His voice through His Word.

“I will never forget the experience of receiving the Holy Ghost and being renewed. God has blessed me so much, and I have joy in my heart. After getting married, God specifically called us to do His will, and we dedicated ourselves to His call.”

Preeti began doing outreach in a village, and met a 13-year-old girl named Anya. They became good friends. Preeti shared about Jesus’ love, and Anya returned often to hear more. Soon, Anya received Jesus as her Savior.

She later introduced her 17-year-old sister, Varsha, to Preeti. As Preeti shared the Gospel, Varsha was touched by the love of Christ. She soon received Jesus as her Savior.

Anya & Monita

The sisters were thrilled when Preeti began a 10-day Children’s Bible Club in a church in their community … and brought their youngest sister, Monita, along.

She, too, received Jesus as her Savior.

Although Anya, Varsha, and Monita face opposition from their relatives, they are standing strong and growing in Christ. Preeti mentors them and prays for them.

Together, they continue to pray for their whole family’s salvation.

Will you join them in that prayer?