Udar: From Animistic to a Believer

Udar was among the eight percent of people living in Manipur state who practiced folk religions. His animistic group gathered in sacred woods to eat, worship their gods, and take drugs.

During worship, he continually prayed for his bedridden wife, Aarya, but her health kept deteriorating. Not wanting to deal with reality, he became addicted to drugs, leading him into debt. Udar was forced to sell his truck that he used for work and borrow money from lenders to make ends meet.

One day Church Planter Gabir stopped by and offered to pray for Aarya. Both Udar and Aarya were unreceptive to the Gospel but couldn’t pass up the opportunity for prayers.

For a long time, Aarya continued to find strength to push through her sickness. She fought hard with family by her side, but eventually, Aarya took her last breath. Udar felt like he lost everything in his life. He lost control of himself, turned to drugs again, and could no longer afford to send his two boys to school or provide them regular meals.

Gabir continued to stop by regularly and, after many visits, Udar opened up about his animistic beliefs. With time, Udar was ready to hear about Jesus. Surprised to learn about a God who sacrificed His life to save His people, Udar slowly began to open the Word of God and found new hope during his time of mourning.

As days passed, he began to attend Sunday school and a prayer group. Udar completely gave his heart to Christ and received Jesus as his personal Savior. He started to pray each day to Jesus for peace, joy, and comfort.

Turning his life around, Udar stopped doing drugs and shifted his focus to Christ. Udar now works hard to provide for his sons.

Pray that Udar will continue to strengthen in his faith as he prepares for baptism.