Two Churches Burned!

At midnight, a few families woke up to the smell of smoke.

They went outside … and saw the church going up in flames. Working together, they doused the flames with water. Thankfully, only part of the church building was burned up in the fire this past Monday.

They replaced the damaged roof temporarily with a blue tarp to keep out the dew and rain.

This church is located in a tiny village. About 150 poor families live here, and they make their living by doing labor work for daily wages. A pastor named Yamar and his wife have been sharing about Jesus in this community for 10 years, and their son started a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club at the church last month. Around 30 boys and girls in this community are attending the Club.

No one knows how the fire started. Police are investigating.

Yamar shares, “It’s very heartbreaking, but we trust in the Lord that there’s something better ahead for us.”

But that’s not all …

During Monday night, a SECOND church was set on fire. (This one is in east India … 1,500 miles away from the first church I mentioned.)

Tuesday morning, nothing remained of the building but bits of wood, ashes, carpet rags, and the rubble of what used to be musical instruments … scattered everywhere. The pastor of this church oversees a class of Mission India Church Planters who are doing outreach among the families living on the nearby hills.

In India, violence against Christian believers is on the rise. Pray for their safety!