The Plight of Women (thoughts from our staff)

“You are worthless.”

“You are unwanted.”

“You are not worth educating.”

“You are a burden.”

Many women in India grew up being told these things. And, if you’re like me, that breaks your heart … because they’re simply not true. You and I know each woman in India is created in God’s image, and that He loves her deeply. She matters to God.

But, sadly, she doesn’t know that.

The social evils and dangers facing girls in India has captured the hearts of Mission India’s staff. When I asked what most shocked them about India, many talked about the plight of women:

  • “Bride burning. Shockingly horrific!” – Julia
  • “The thing that still shocks me to this day is bride burning. I can’t wrap my mind around how a culture can devalue a human life to the point that a woman can be discarded like that.” – Jenny
  • “The overtly-accepted gender inequalities and hierarchical traditions (religious and cultural).” – Jessie
  • The percentage of illiterate women in India, not being able to read a street sign or count money.” – Tammy

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