The Business of Poverty

A few weeks ago, I saw a fascinating documentary called, “Poverty, Inc.

Here’s the gist of this documentary: the global aid system cripples local businesses in impoverished countries.

Disaster relief is vital after earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. Clothes, food, blankets, and other items are needed after these types of events. But continuing to give these things to people living in poverty is not a long-term solution. In fact, most efforts like this can actually keep people ensnared in poverty!

So, how can you really help people in poverty? In a nutshell, Poverty, Inc. says, “Help local people start and grow their own businesses!”

And you know what? I couldn’t agree more.

At Mission India, we have actually been using this poverty relief model for more than 30 years! It’s an integral part of our Adult Literacy Class program.

We teach students to use locally available materials to make products like detergent, candles, leaf plates, paper bags, and canned vegetables. And we teach them money management and business skills so they can launch and grow their own home-based businesses.

To see how this plays out in real life, watch Kajani’s story.

If you’d like to reach another person like Kajani, you can give instantly. $30 covers the cost of an education that can change a man or woman’s story from poverty to plenty.