The Boy Who Makes Bricks

I’d like to introduce you to Tamil.

Every day, 12-year-old Tamil fetched water and prepared a muddy mixture. Then, he carried a lump of mud about the size of a large loaf of bread, pounding it into a brick mold on the ground to dry. He made 1,000 bricks every week.

Tamil-brick work

Tamil was only paid 350 rupees (about $5.50) for working 50 hours a week. His parents and three brothers also work in the brickyard, but struggle to make ends meet. Here’s a picture of Tamil and his little brother, Saj, stacking dried bricks:

There wasn’t much joy or fun in Tamil’s life … until he was invited to one of Mission India’s Children’s Bible Clubs.

There, Tamil made new friends. He enjoyed playing games and singing. And with his Club leader’s encouragement, Tamil even enrolled in school. (Can you spot Tamil in the back row in this picture from his Children’s Bible Club?)  🙂

Tamil-at the club

Deeply impacted by the Bible stories he heard at the Club, Tamil joyfully received Jesus as his Savior and prays to Him for his family’s needs.


Today, Tamil dreams of becoming a teacher. To help support his family, Tamil still works at the brickyard after school and also before school in the early morning.

Pray for Tamil’s future and that his parents choose to follow Christ.