Tea for Untouchables

Komar* (a staff member of one of our partners in India), lifted a teacup to his mouth and took a sip of delicious Indian masala tea. He looked forward to digging into his breakfast.

He glanced around his surroundings—a small restaurant in a rural Indian town.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Komar noticed a man standing on the front porch. He was barefoot and dusty from the road. The man lifted a cup from a tiny alcove in the wall outside. Then, he sat on a rock in the dirt next to the restaurant.

A waiter eventually came—just to the edge of the porch.

The waiter leaned over, pouring tea into the man’s cup. The man slowly drank the tea, savoring it. Then, he wiped the cup with his shirt, laid a few coins on the porch … and walked away.

Puzzled, Komar observed all of this.

When the waiter passed by, Komar asked why the man outside had behaved in such a way. The waiter replied, “He is Untouchable.”

Komar almost wept—right there, sitting at his table. He thought, “What is the difference between that Untouchable man who believes he must sit in the dirt … and this Untouchable man, me, who sits here at this table? For I am also from the caste of Untouchables.”

Komar has an intense heart to uplift the Untouchables living in India. A great number of them do not know their value in the sight of God—or of God’s great love for them. Some have never even heard the name of Jesus before.

Komar says, “I am different because of what Christ has done. He touched me and changed who I am. I am His child. In Him, I have hope.” And Komar wants every person in India to experience that hope.

*His name has been changed for security reasons.