Tamasi: Literacy Opens Many Doors

Tamasi spent 28 years of her life in the darkness of illiteracy.

She struggled to find a job with good pay. She was unable to travel without asking people to read signs or maps for her. Embarrassed to ask for help, Tamasi seldom left her neighborhood.

Once, Tamasi tried to open a bank account. To her dismay, no one was willing to help her fill out the form, and she returned home feeling humiliated.

Things began to change when Tamasi joined an Adult Literacy Class. She gradually gained skills in reading, writing, and basic math. After attending regularly for a year, Tamasi graduated and now counts money and reads bills and price tags with ease. She is able to travel on her own and enjoys taking the bus to visit her parents in their village.

Tamasi gained so much more than these basic skills, though. After learning about health and hygiene in her classes, she began to wash her hands and bathe regularly. In a special training offered through her Literacy Class, Tamasi learned how to make practical products such as detergent, candles, pickles, delicious jams, shampoo, pain balm, and air freshener. Tamasi plans to make and sell some of these products to boost her family’s income.

Through her Literacy Class, Tamasi also heard Bible stories and learned about Jesus for the first time. Over time, the Holy Spirit worked in Tamasi’s heart, and she received Jesus as her Savior. Tamasi’s husband has noticed a new joy and peace in her life. As a family, they now attend a worshipping group every week and pray together.

Please join Tamasi in prayer for the salvation of her husband and young son.