Susheela: Drawn to Jesus through Music

Growing up, Susheela was taught to worship many different gods. She visited village temples regularly and tried to appease the gods, but she secretly doubted if they were actually real or could hear her prayers.

One day, 16-year-old Susheela heard singing coming from a nearby house in the neighborhood. The music cheered her heart, and she set out to find where the music was coming from. She discovered a worshipping group led by Church Planter Barath, and soon found herself listening to the Gospel. After this, Susheela longed to know more about Jesus, who sounded more real to her than any god she had ever worshipped.

When she shared about Jesus with her parents, however, they were angry. They became even angrier when Susheela stopped worshipping other gods with them.

Susheela’s parents forbade her from attending the worshipping group. They made her work like a servant at home, beating her for believing in Jesus. They tried to make her return to their faith. Susheela cried many nights. Despite her parents’ abuse, she felt her attention drawn toward Christ’s suffering and His love for her. She attended the worshipping group regularly and soon received Jesus as her Savior.

Susheela’s parents were angry with her and continued to mistreat her. She has also endured threats from local villagers and anti-Christian extremists. However, Susheela says she is not afraid to die for her faith in Jesus. She is standing for Christ in her village, come what may. Susheela wants to serve Jesus for the rest of her life, and she loves to lead the worshipping group in praise and worship. Susheela praises God for saving her and giving her a new life in Him. She asks that you pray for her parents’ salvation.