Suresh: Tutored at a Bible Club

10-year-old Suresh played in the streets all day with other children. His dad’s pay working as a mechanic was sporadic, and his mom was often forced to knock on neighbors’ doors and beg for rice so that she had something to feed her family.

One day, Children’s Bible Club leader Lili stopped by the family’s home. When she found out that Suresh was not in school, she encouraged his parents to enroll him in the free government-run school nearby and explained how having an education would open many more opportunities to Suresh throughout his life. Suresh’s parents were convinced—and enrolled him in the school.

However, Suresh never studied at home after school and wasn’t interested in completing his homework. Suresh’s parents decided to enroll him in the Children’s Bible Club Lili led, which offered free tutoring.

After his first day at the Children’s Bible Club, Suresh raced home and excitedly told his parents about all the fun he had hearing new stories and playing games. He received help with his homework, too. Suresh looked forward to going to the Bible Club after school every day.

At the Bible Club, Suresh heard about Jesus for the first time through the Bible stories Lili shared. Suresh was impressed by the many miracles Jesus had performed, and he was curious to know more about Him. As the days passed, Suresh realized his need for Jesus and received Him as his Savior. Suresh now prays every day and is growing in the Lord. Suresh asks that we join him in prayer for his education and for the salvation of his family.