Sudhir: Entrepreneur Gets Education

While other kids were bent over their books at school, young Sudhir was bent over in the fields, working to help his family make ends meet.

When he grew up and got married, Sudhir started a small business selling groceries. But with his lack of education, Sudhir was easily cheated and barely made enough to live on. He and his wife were soon blessed with two children, and Sudhir had a hard time earning enough to meet his family’s growing needs.

Then, Sudhir heard that Adult Literacy Classes were starting in his area, and he signed up right away. Some of his friends and neighbors mocked and laughed at him for going to school at the age of 45, but Sudhir brushed off their comments; he was determined to try to build a better life for his family.

Sudhir attended his classes faithfully and studied well. Over the course of a year, he reached a 5th-grade level in reading, writing, and math—an incredible feat after spending so many years illiterate! Sudhir began keeping a record of all his business transactions, and now that he can count money, he no longer fears being cheated.

Sudhir also participated in a special training in his Adult Literacy Class, where he learned to make and sell locally-sourced products like detergent, candles, pickles, jam, pain balm, and liquid soap. Sudhir now sells these items in his grocery shop, and his small business is flourishing. His family and neighbors are astonished to see how much Sudhir has grown in confidence and self-esteem.

During his classes, Sudhir was touched by his Adult Literacy teacher’s faith and confidence in Jesus, and eventually Sudhir received Jesus as his Savior. He now attends a local church and uses his new literacy skills to read the Bible to his wife and children. Will you join him in prayer for their salvation?