Siraj’s Story of Life-Change

Through your support of Mission India, we have witnessed the impact of unreached villages that are spiritually transformed by the reach of our three programs. Your commitment to Mission India is empowering men and women of God in India to serve in the most needed ways: a friend, a mentor, a counselor, or a way out of spiritual bondage.

That was the case with Siraj and Church Planter Tarak. Siraj spent his entire life in poverty, facing greater hardships into adulthood. He and his brothers owned their own tractors and made a living transporting mud. But when life expenses far exceeded his income, Siraj branched off from business with his brothers to start his own business.

Siraj found immediate success but faced some legal troubles. Siraj closed his own business and fell into despair. Teetering on the brink of destitution, Siraj needed hope.

Taking up work in labor fields, Siraj met local Church Planter Tarak and immediately found friendship. Tarak was able to come alongside Siraj and walk with him through a devastating time, encouraging him through Scripture. Siraj felt the Bible provided a sense of comfort in a way he had never experienced before.

Tarak eventually led Siraj to the Lord and Siraj received Jesus as his personal Savior!

Because of your heart and God’s work through programs like Church Planter Training, Jesus is brought into villages that wouldn’t otherwise know His name. Your prayers are reaching places that are outside of reach and we are so thankful for your partnership in our ministry!