Shoba: Teenager Commits Her Life to Christ

14-year-old Shoba is growing up in a Christian family in Uttarakhand, India.

Decades ago, her family became Christians. Shoba’s dad is a pastor and is actively involved in planting churches. He also works as a farmer, growing wheat, rice, and potatoes depending on the season. This is the family’s main source of income. Shoba sometimes helps her dad in the fields.

Shoba’s dad has a great desire to reach children with the Gospel, and he was selected to mentor Children’s Bible Club leaders who would be starting Bible Clubs in and around his community. Shoba helped her dad out by inviting as many children as she could to join a local Bible Club. Shoba attended the Bible Club, too.

Shoba really enjoyed the songs, memory verses, skits, and games. Her Bible Club leader, Upsani, helped Shoba improve in her studies, too.

Though Shoba had grown up hearing the Gospel, she hadn’t really thought about it seriously up until now when she heard it at the Bible Club. Shoba soon received Jesus as her Savior.

Shoba loves attending a local worshipping group, and she helps lead everyone in praising God by singing and playing guitar every Sunday. Shoba encourages other children at the worshipping group to become active and involved in the worshipping group, too.

Pray for safety for Shoba and her family as they continue to shine the light of Christ in their community.