She Counts: Together we’re reaching 2,078 people!

The final numbers for our She Counts campaign are in… and together, we’re blessing 2,078 women and men with the life-changing gift of literacy!

Most gifts were made before the match deadline on March 9, doubling our impact! We reached 99% of our goal — raising $62,354. (The match has expired, but if you still want to give, it’s not too late.)

Each $30 = one person educated in Bihar — India’s most illiterate, impoverished state! By supporting these classes, you help:Literacy Thank You

  • Provide a 5th grade education in reading, writing, and math
  • Promote good nutrition, sanitation, & hygiene
  • Raise awareness of basic rights—like fair wages
  • Encourage newly literate parents to send children to school
  • Teach business skills to increase family income
  • Open doors in communities resistant to the Gospel
  • Share joy in Jesus and offer new hope for the future

In their classes, students also talk about the social problems facing girls and women in their culture (like female infanticide, illiteracy, dowry abuse, and child marriage) and learn how to combat these evils in their own families and communities.

Many women discover for the first time that they are valuable … especially in the eyes of God!

Thank you for turning your heart and prayers to the women of Bihar over the last few weeks. Please continue to keep them in your prayers!

Want to see the impact you’ll be having?

Watch the incredible story of Kajani and hear how the Lord used literacy classes to take her on a path from gut-wrenching despair to new hope!

Want to help us close the gap and reach the last 1% of our She Counts goal? We still have 22 students who need funding — you can give $30 today and reach another person!