September 2019 India Intercessor

Dear Intercessors,

Recently John read an article describing the explosion of the Gospel in Thailand. He became excited because it sounded like what is happening in India! The spreading of the Gospel is done by the local Christians and not by foreign missionaries.

The national Christians are motivated to share the Gospel in understandable ways according to the culture of the area.

Mission leaders in India told us that they loved our mission “because we did not make them take their sign board down.” In other words, we were there to help them bring Jesus to their country. It was THEIR mission and we were helping them.

The second thing we did in addition to training them was show them where non-Christians lived and how many were there. We were foreigners and the national Indians could not understand us. But the Indians we trained were their neighbors and friends who understood the local people. And thus, the Gospel explodes.

People loving their neighbors is the main way to transform a nation. This is not only true of other nations, it is true of our own. Loving and caring for our neighbors is the only way to witness and is called “Neighbor loving Neighbor”! In the massive attempt to reach neighbors for Christ, loving them and having tea or coffee or dinner with them is the single most effective way to reach them.

In most states in India the majority of persons are not Christian, and it is a great challenge to motivate, train, and equip the Christians. Pray for those who motivate and train the national Indian Christians to reach in love all non-Christians in India and for our own neighborhoods as well.

Until India is transformed,

John and Atts

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