September 2016 India Intercessor

Dear Praying Friends,

Last night as the sun set, it tinted everything red … the clouds, the sky, the water in the lake—everything in sight. It was beautiful. And this morning, everything was dark. The clouds were black and stormy, split by white streaks of lightning. Thunder rolled. Rain, much needed rain, poured down on our parched earth. God revealed His amazing love of beauty and power as we sat and praised Him.

Afterwards, we sat and wondered about the amazing power of God; power not in noise or colors—but power in the gift of life. We thought of the many boys and girls in India who had the seed of eternal life planted in them last year. It sprouted in some immediately and went on to touch their parents, other relatives, friends, and neighbors. In others it is still germinating.

We reflected on a little boy named Suraj. His dad, Ganesh, was a drunk. Ganesh gambled away his family’s land and home. So, the whole family was forced to move into a slum. Ganesh continued getting drunk, and he often beat his wife in front of his son. If Suraj tried to step between them, he was beaten, too. At a Children’s Bible Club, Suraj learned about Jesus and began to pray to Him. Within a few months, Ganesh stopped getting drunk. He stopped gambling, too. Today, Suraj’s whole family follows Jesus!

Not only is this an actual story, it is being repeated all over India again this year as many more boys and girls are now attending Bible Clubs. Matthew 18:19 says, “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” As you read this, be reminded that as we pray together we are praying the presence of Christ into troubled lives throughout India, driving out darkness and weakness and letting the power and life of the God of the sunsets and storms flow in with His transforming power. Thanks for praying with us.

Until India is transformed,

John & Atts DeVries

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