Seeing Red

If you had to pick your least favorite color, what would it be?

Beige? Rust? Puce?

At Mission India, we say it’s red.

The red dots on this map show where unreached people groups are. (These are places where there are no evangelical Christians or churches … and no access to the Gospel.)

Look at India!

Right now, it’s the most unreached nation in the world. That’s why our passion is to “make disciples to transform India for Christ.”

More than 400 million people who call India home have never heard the name of Jesus. And sadly, at this point, most Indian people will go their whole lives without meeting a single follower of Jesus.

That’s why we’re passionate about reaching men, women, and children living in India.

And that’s why the focus of our programs—and our ministry—has always been and will continue to be sharing the love of Christ.

Every year, we see men, women, and children in India receive faith in Jesus. And their lives, their families, and their communities are changed! Right now, India suffers from tremendous needs, and social evils run rampant. When will this change? When India is transformed by Christ.

Whether they live across the ocean or next door, every person’s greatest need is Jesus.

That’s why red is our least favorite color. But things are changing!


Notice anything different about this year’s map? Less red dots!

The Gospel is spreading … and right now the Holy Spirit is moving in India in an incredible way! In less than 5 years, the color of India has noticeably changed from red to orange—and in some places from orange to yellow.

This is reason to celebrate! But we will not rest until India is “green” with new life—until Jesus’ people are living in every village, every language, and every ethnic group.


Source Image: International Mission Board