Savita: A Survivor of Abuse

Savita was shocked when her husband, Umesh, began to beat her. The merciless beatings increased until they were happening nearly every day. Umesh started cursing Savita and demanded she leave the house. Savita didn’t know what had brought about this sudden change in her husband … but she slowly learned that her husband was having an affair with another woman.

Before long, Umesh abandoned his wife and two children and moved in with his new lover. Savita was devastated and spent her days weeping. She held out hope that perhaps Umesh would return, but when he didn’t, Savita searched for a job to support herself and her children. Some days, farmers would hire her to labor in the fields, but the hours were unpredictable—and many times, they had no work for her at all.

One day, a member of the local church told her pastor that Savita was going through a lot of emotional pain and struggle and asked him to visit Savita’s house. So he did.

The pastor was moved to tears when Savita shared her whole story. He comforted Savita with a few words from the Bible and encouraged her to remain strong. The pastor also invited Savita to attend an Adult Literacy Class.

Savita began attending the classes and the local worshipping group. Savita hopes to get a better, more stable job when she graduates from her Adult Literacy Class and maybe even start her own business. She keenly listens to the Bible stories that are shared at church and her classes—one of her favorites is when Jesus raised a widow’s daughter from the dead.

Savita believes that Jesus can do miracles in her life. She asks that you join her in prayer for her husband’s return, her job search, and for the education of her children.