Sanshi: A Lamp is Lit for All to See

Sanshi is not the typical teenager you’d normally picture living in a poor village in India. In contrast to so many other people in India living in extreme poverty, Sanshi’s family has sufficient food and clean water, and they own their own home. Sanshi is a 6th-grader at a government-run school.

Although her physical needs are taken care of, there was a time when Sanshi had few friends in her neighborhood. As a smart, ambitious, 13-year-old girl, returning home from school every day only to retreat to her room alone was making Sanshi more and more depressed. Even worse, there seemed to be no hope in sight.

Until a girl at school told Sanshi about a local Year-Long Children’s Bible Club.

Excited at the possibility to play games, paint pictures, sing songs, and just have fun with other kids her age, Sanshi checked the Bible Club out for herself the very next day. It was unbelievable! The Year-Long Bible Club was everything she hoped it would be.

What Sanshi didn’t expect was all the other things she would learn about healthy living, the importance of proper hygiene, and most importantly, the truth of Christ. The Bible Club leader not only shared the Gospel with Sanshi for the first time, he also helped God’s Word take root in her heart.

If I can experience so much care from the Bible Club leader, Sanshi thought, imagine the peace and love being a servant of Jesus will bring!

It wasn’t long before Sanshi received Christ as her personal Savior and started regularly attending a local worshipping group.

Sanshi’s parents had never seen their daughter’s face glow the way it did each time she arrived home from the Bible Club. Although they are not yet Christians, they encourage Sanshi’s new found faith in Christ as it has improved all aspects of her home, school, and social life.

The Year-Long Children’s Bible Club lit a lamp in Sanshi’s heart that continues to shine brightly to this day, and she prays her mother, father, and all of India will one day walk alongside her in the light. Will you join her in prayer?