Sanjay: Help for a Struggling Student

Sanjay struggled in school. No matter how much effort he put into studying, he couldn’t seem to improve his grades. When Sanjay couldn’t understand a new concept or finish a homework assignment, he felt embarrassed. To make things worse, instead of helping Sanjay, his teachers humiliated him in front of the class for his poor grades.

Unable to bear the shame of his failures, Sanjay began to skip classes. He was on his way to dropping out of school completely.

Then, Sanjay joined a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. He liked the games, stories, and songs with motions, and he also received free tutoring. The ongoing homework help and encouragement Sanjay received made a world of difference! He began to understand concepts he had before found too difficult. Sanjay renewed his dedication to studying and attended his classes regularly. Before long, his grades improved.

One day, Sanjay was commended by his teachers in front of his peers for his high scores on tests! This recognition boosted Sanjay’s self-esteem. In fact, now he wants to be a teacher when he grows up.

At his Bible Club, Sanjay also learned to trust and seek God. When he heard about God’s tremendous love and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, Sanjay gladly received Jesus as his Savior. Today, Sanjay is growing in his faith. He prays for all of his needs, and he shares Bible stories with his parents and friends. Oftentimes, he is even seen humming the Christian songs he learned at the Bible Club in the streets around his neighborhood.

Sanjay shares, “The Year-Long Children’s Bible Club not only provided the support and motivation I needed to tackle my school difficulties, but also showed me the path to eternal life. I am grateful to God that He gave me this opportunity.”

Join Sanjay in prayer for the salvation of his family.