Sandhana: The First Believer in Her Family

When Sandhana was little, she didn’t go to school; she worked alongside her parents in the fields.

Later, Sandhana got married and began to bear her own children … and she was determined to provide them with an education. She and her husband didn’t earn much money, but they scraped together enough to send their two sons and daughter to a local school.

Seeing her children reading and writing, Sandhana wished she could read, too. She found herself constantly asking her children to read things for her—like street signs, newspapers, and the price tags in the marketplace.

Sandhana was 35 years old when Adult Literacy Classes began in her community. She signed up right away, eager to learn.

As the days passed, Sandhana grew to love her classes not only for all that she was learning, but for the joyful atmosphere and the camaraderie she felt with her classmates and teacher. When the teacher shared stories from the Bible and prayed, Sandhana always felt a great peace within her.

One day, Sandhana’s teacher shared the Gospel with the class. Sandhana was deeply touched by the sacrifice of Jesus and received Him as her Savior, committing to follow Him for the rest of her life.

Today, Sandhana is grateful that she can read and write in Hindi, her native language. She can do all of the things she used to ask her children for help with—and, in fact, she is now helping her children with their schoolwork!

Sandhana shared about her faith with her family, and she prays every day for the salvation of her husband and children. Sandhana has faith that God will not stop pursuing her family and turning their hearts toward Him. She asks that you join her in prayer for their salvation.