Sagari: A Widow’s Story

A Difficult Start to Life

For a long time, Sagari’s life was nothing but tragedy. There was no joy or hope.

As a little girl, Sagari wasn’t allowed to go to school. She had to stay home and take care of her younger siblings while her parents were gone working.

Sagari was still a teenager when her parents married her off.

Sagari’s husband was an alcoholic. So, Sagari started working as a laborer to support their family—which quickly grew to include three sons. Although she worked harder than her male coworkers, she was paid less.

A Young Widow

When her husband died due to complications from his alcohol addiction, Sagari tried to provide for her family on her own. But even though she worked six days a week from dawn to dusk, she couldn’t make enough money. Sometimes her children went to bed with empty stomachs.

Finally, Sagari pulled her three young boys out of school so they could work. But they still lived in poverty.

And because she was a widow, Sagari was considered “unlucky.” She was forbidden to attend community rituals and celebrations—even weddings. Some neighbors scared Sagari off whenever they saw her coming, thinking she would bring bad luck to them by simply being near.

When her sons grew up and married, her daughters-in-law criticized and taunted her. Even her own sons humiliated Sagari.

As she aged, Sagari wasn’t able to work as much in the fields. She was forced to survive on leftovers or tiny bits of scraps her sons’ families gave her. Malnutrition began to affect her, and she grew very weak and suffered from pain.

As a Hindu, Sagari believed in reincarnation. She hoped to die—because then she would finally be free from her life’s vicious cycle of pain and humiliation.

The Light of Literacy

Then, a Mission India Adult Literacy Class started in Sagari’s village. And Sagari was invited!

She enrolled in the classes. Local villagers criticized Sagari, saying that she was too old to learn. But Sagari was determined to become literate—and she stood firm in her decision.

Night after night, Sagari went to her classes. She enjoyed learning to read, write, and do simple math … and her skill was improving every week! But then, Sagari suddenly stopped going to her classes.

Concerned, the literacy teacher visited Sagari’s home. Sagari was very sick and growing weaker. Her literacy teacher shared about Jesus Christ and prayed for Sagari’s healing.

Much to her amazement, Sagari’s pain disappeared! And she was soon completely healthy.

Sagari was touched by this miracle, and she soon received Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. Before long, Sagari was able to return to her classes.

New Life in Christ

Through the Bible-based lessons in her classes, Sagari was encouraged and grew in her walk with God. She regularly prayed to the Lord. Instead of dwelling on her sad past, Sagari began looking forward to a bright future.

Sagari’s sons mocked her for her faith in Christ. Sagari prayed for her sons to discover the truth about the living God. One of her sons is now a follower of Jesus—praise God!

Anyone who sees Sagari writing her name can’t help but notice how much happiness and confidence literacy has brought to her life! And knowing Jesus has changed Sagari’s life. She isn’t depressed anymore. She has such joy in her face whenever she shares about Jesus with other women in her village!

Sagari’s children are treating her better, and she’s not afraid of the future anymore. Sagari has courage, hope, and joy because she knows Jesus will always be with her!