Ruya: Jesus Heals What Rituals Couldn’t

Throughout her childhood, Ruya’s parents taught her to offer sacrifices to appease various evil spirits that were part and parcel to their animist beliefs. Ironically, all these rituals, which were supposed to protect her from harm, caused Ruya to instead live in constant fear that the slightest offense might provoke these deities.

By the time she was 16 years old, Ruya had grown accustomed to both ritual-based beliefs and the physical hardships her parents went through to meet the family’s daily needs. To help ease their burden, she often assisted her mother in doing the household chores.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, catastrophe struck the family. Ruya developed serious health issues that affected her breathing and digestion. She often slipped into a comatose state. Her parents consulted a renowned witch doctor who performed several rituals on her behalf, but there was no change in her situation.

Desperate over their daughter’s deteriorating condition, her parents then took her to a hospital. Yet even there, the doctor could find no cause for Ruya’s sickness.

As time passed, the hope that Ruya would recover grew dim. Her parents were hopeless and heartbroken.

In the midst of their anguish, local Church Planter Saikara visited their house, offering the family something neither sacrifices to the spirits nor visits to the doctor could—hope in healing through prayer.

Saikara prayed right then and there for Ruya’s deliverance from pain and suffering. That day, Ruya remained peaceful and pain-free for the first time in a long time. Her parents were amazed. Who was this Christ who had power even over sickness, they wondered?

Saikara began to visit their house regularly, sharing the promises of Scripture each time. Through this consistent and merciful intercession, Ruya was completely healed.

Inspired by Saikara’s unwavering faith, Ruya became convinced of the power of prayer. A deep desire to know Jesus grew within her until she opened her heart to Christ and began to explore His Word.

As Ruya read one Scripture passage after the other, joy flooded her soul, and she received Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. Ruya has never looked back.

Today, God’s Word is her foundation, and she is steadily growing in the Lord. She has abandoned all beliefs in the evil spirits of her former life and now relies solely on the one, true, living God for all things.

Please join us in prayer for Ruya’s continued spiritual growth, and also pray for her parents, that God would speak to their hearts.