Ruhi’s Life Was Changed

Ruhi’s childhood, as she knew it, abruptly changed when she dropped out of school.

Her mother labored through endless fields and long-hour work days to help make ends meet. Ruhi’s father also worked, but struggled with an addiction to alcohol; the income he earned never met the family’s needs.

At twelve years old, Ruhi went to work. Instead of a classroom, she spent her days at home looking after her siblings. The family fell deeper into poverty and Ruhi’s free time was offered in service to work in neighbors’ homes.

When a Children’s Bible Club began its program in her village, Ruhi was invited and decided to attend. She played games, sang songs, and listened to the stories the Bible Club leader shared of Jesus. Ruhi laughed with other children and felt her spirits lighten; for the first time in a long time, she was able to feel like herself again, Ruhi, a twelve-year-old girl who loved to laugh and learn.

Her Bible Club leader encouraged her in her studies, and eventually Ruhi re-enrolled in school. Ruhi had rediscovered her lost childhood.

She learned about Jesus and how much He loved her. She learned about prayer and how to speak to Him. Ruhi felt excited to begin to pray for her family’s needs.

In time, she noticed things change in their home and as a family. She witnessed her father buy basic necessities to sustain their family instead of alcohol. Her parents’ arguing had also become infrequent.

Ruhi rejoiced at these answered prayers and received Jesus as her Savior.

She now prays her parents will become followers of Christ and walk in their new faith together, as a family.